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Creative Collaboration - Richard Watkins

Episode Summary

I talk to Richard Watkins, a founder of the Airmail Project and The Mix Up - two projects with international collaboration. We talk about what true collaboration means and how it differs from participation or simply 'joining in'

Episode Notes

Rich and I met in 2014 and I invited him on the podcast to talk about collaboration and what it truly means for artists to use this as part of their creative practice.

We discuss how it differs from participation, and he says a true collaboration is one where all parties involved are bringing something to the table and each person is growing their own practice. It is not about having an idea and then bringing people on board to help you fulfil it, that would be a straightforward project. Collaboration by contrast is approaching the conversation with an openness to how the project could be, and then to successfully fulfil it, having parameters in place particularly around the time frame and outcomes.

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