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Carrie Brummer

Episode Summary

Carrie Brummer is my guest today talking about her art inspired by the US National Archives. Carrie is the founder of Artists Strong and in this episode she talks about her online community, her art work which uses various media and working towards an exhibition

Episode Notes

Carrie Brummer talks about her current project which was inspired by a visit to the US National Archives.
While living in the Middle East, Carrie formed an online community called Artists Strong, to stay in touch with more artists.

The US National Archives revealed images of women in the 1940s who had taken jobs that were traditionally taken up by men, however with the men away at war, the women took up the jobs. Curiously the photographs provided no further information such as names of the sitters. It was the absence of this information that Carrie was drawn to, and her art work now celebrates these women. Her art uses a range of crafting skills which she says were also traditionally associated with women.

In this episode she talks about working towards an exhibition in Ottawa.

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