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Michael Petry talks about The Word is Art and what Brexit means for the Arts

Episode Summary

Michael Petry is the curator and director at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Peckham, London. In this episode he talks about the impact of Brexit on the arts and his new book - The Word is Art.

Episode Notes

Michael Petry is the guest on this episode of the podcast. He talks about his new book The Word is Art published by Thames and Hudson in 2018. Alongside each of his books, Michael produces an exhibition and in this episode he discusses the issues he is facing given the current situation with Brexit in the UK.

The political negotiations around Brexit appear to have excluded the creative industries much to Michael's frustration and he talks about the hold up of his own project as well as his peers. He explains how arts institutions on mainland Europe are unable to commit to exhibitions and projects due to the uncertainty caused by Brexit discussions.

The conversation then turns to language; language that is visual, written, spoken and with cultural context. The book covers 200 artists working across 60 languages and we discussed issues around putting the book together and in particular issues around translating art work and ideas.

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